Shree Gopala Goushala


A home for hapless cows & cattle’s retrieved from the clutches of slaughter house.Established in 1995, this unique Goushala is a shelter for rehabilitation, and protection of cows primarily rescued from the clutches of Butchers and is being carried out relentlessly by the Goushala over the past 17 years.

Cows and Cattles rescue operations are being carried out by “Gou Rakshan Gasthi Pathak” an energetic wing of “Bajrang Dal” despite various hurdles lack of Manpower and derth of resources. Rescue operations are carried out as per Maharashtra Animal Reproduction Act 1976, Animal Cruelty Act 1960 and illegal transportation of Animal for Slaughter Act – which were guided by legal expert Late Shri Lalit Jain, who met with gruesome murder at the hands of the Butchers – affected by the Andolan held on 24.4.2002.

Shri. Lalit Jain

Following the guidance and principles of legal luminary late Shri. Lalit Jain, and with the constant vigil in and around Maharashtra, “Gou Rakshan Gasthi Pathak have been rescuing Cows and Cattles. At any given time an estimated number of Cows and Cattles that are rehabilitated in the Shree Gopal Goushala work outgin the range of 2000 inmates at the Goushala.

In the year 2001, “Shree Gopal Goushala had the privilege of acquiring 12 Acres of N A land at Aangaon (Bhiwandi). This vast open pasture of land was converted to an optimum use by way of 45000 sq.ft for cow/cattle sheds, 14000 sq. ft for Godowns to store “Cattle Feed”, and Fodders, 3 huge Borewells, Large Pond and a unique well besides an overhead Water Tank with a capacity for 27000 liters of water.

Shree Gopal Goushala, has also built Staff Quarters for about 42 in-house employers and 3 Qualified Veterinary Doctors to help, treat and rehabilitated the cows and cattles.

On an average, “Shree Gopal Goushala” expend around Rs.12 lakhs for the upkeep of cows and cattle herds at the Goushala, as detailed hereunder:

Details Expense RS
Salaries to Employers 2,00,000.00
Medicines 1,30,000.00
Dry Grass  (3 Tones) 5,00,000.00
Green Grass  (10 Tones) 7,50,000.00
Chunni Fodders (2 Tones) 5,40,000.00
Misc. 50,000.00
Total 21,70,000.00

While sale proceeds from “Goushalas” milk and other related products yield only around 5 lakhs, funds are raised from few hard core devotees of Cows (Gou – Bhaktas).

Now over the last 17 years Shree Gopal Goushala attained a position of some strength after initial hiccups and hardships.

To generate funds to augment the minimal expenses, Shree Gopal Goushala has been organizing various religious meets like, “SATSANGH”, “Shree Madh Bhagwat Katas” by eminent, scholars and Religious Heads like Pujya Vidhyanand Saraswati Maharaj, Poojya Acharya Hem Ratna Sureshwarji Maharaj,Sadhvi Ritembraji and other  religious luminaries, on yearly basis.


  1. Maintain 12 Cowsheds, Godowns, for Cow Feeds and Veterinary Hospital
  2. To Purchase & Feed Green and fresh Grass and Fodder to Herd of Cattles
  3. To Build Protective Walls ;and Proper sheds to house the Hapless Cows and Cattles
  4. To Supplement our year long efforts to market “GOUMUTRA ,GOUPHENOL,ARK & Help produce 150 CNG Gas Cylinder of 6 kgs each besides Milk for Public Distribution
  5. To help augment facilities to surgically operate and remove Plastics/ Bags consumed by these Cows, while straying around the field, we have already carried out 16 successful operations out of 24 attempts.